- Product: [Serial interface LCD module] #600496
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Product: [Serial interface LCD module] #600496

Product Name:
Serial interface LCD module
Exact quantity available:
Minimum order accepted:
Delivery lead time:
4-5 weeks
Payment accepted:
1.Built-in font with provision for up to 8 user-defined characters,
2.Speeds from 300 bps to 115.2 Kbps over RS-232,
3.Communicate over RS-232,TTL compatible, SPI or I2C,
4.The I2C interface is capable of receiving data at up to 400KHz-clock rate,
5.Software controlled contrast,
6.Software controlled Backlight,
7.Easy commands for printing number on display.
Some product size as below, for more detailed info pls contact us freely.
LCM1602B3 outline size: 84x44mm
LCM1602K3 outline size: 80x36mm
LCM1602S3 outline size: 122x44mm
LCM2002D3 outline size: 116x37mm
LCM2004D3 outline size: 98x60mm
LCM1602US outline size: 80x36mm
LCM2004SA outline size: 77x47mm

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