- Product: [Automatic rebar tying gun] #600425
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Product: [Automatic rebar tying gun] #600425

Product Name:
Automatic rebar tying gun
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Product Description
Automatic rebar tying machine is hand-held intellect battery dynamo-electric device,it possesses the trait of secure and credible, reasonable ,advance d craft,easily manipulate,high work efficiency.It can use in the architecture engineering to pack precast Rebars.It can highly raise the speed of engineer .
Product Feature
1,Perfect tying:With appropriate using of the machine, tying knot is perfect,and all the ties are firm

2,Adaptability:the same machine used to work with different diameters of bars,stirrups,hangers,etc.

3,Easy of use:In just a few days the less experienced learner becomes an accomplished PROFESSIONALS of your work.

4,Effortless:The operator is able to work all day without fatigue

5,No risk:Low voltage of battery without risk of electric shock
Product Specification/Models
Model BE-RT-40L
Battery Li-ion
Voltage: DC14.4V
Charging time 90min
Applicable rebar size: 4-45 mm
Time of Making a Knot: 0.8s
Turns per Tie: 2-3Turns /Tie
Ties per Coil : Approx.170 ties(2turns) Approx.120 ties(3turns)
Length of Wire for Tying:600mm/2Turns 820mm/3Turns
Dimension(L*W*H) 300*100*280mm
Tie per charge: 2700ties
Accessories 2Batteries,1 Battery Charger
Automatic rebar tying machine is used for tying rebar auomaticly.
The efficiency is 5 times than manpower.

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