- Product: [compact non-pressure model: ST] #200498
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Product: [compact non-pressure model: ST] #200498

Product Name:
compact non-pressure model: ST
Exact quantity available:
Minimum order accepted:
Thickness of Bracket: 1.5 mm

Vacuum Tube: 58 mm x 1.8 m

Inner Tank: SUS304-2B Food Grade Stainless Steel

Outer Tank: Steel (Spray-paint and Looks Like China Paint)

Capacity: 98/110/130/150/180/210/240/300/300L

Insulating Layer Thickness: 55 - 60 mm

Inner Tank Thickness: 0.4 - 0.5 mm

Tank Diameter: 460 mm

Pressure: 0 Pa

Heat Preservation: 72 hrs

Hail Resistance: 25 mm

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