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About Us

 We are based in UK, with another office in Ivory Coast, West Africa. Ezaans.com is an online B2B marketplace that brings together many sellers and buyers all over the world.


Reasons why sellers should consider selling their products via Ezaans.com.

There are many reasons for selling your products via our website. The first reason is that buyers would love your product line. Our website has more than 100,000 visits per month. Many visitors have left buying requests on our website. The second reason is that we promote sellers' products here in UK and also in Africa in local newspapers and other media outlets such as shopping guides. So, Ezaans.com will allow you to expand your market and boost your sales. For all these reasons, it is a win-win situation for your sellers.

You can display up to 50 products to our website for FREE!

Why we choose to promote sellers' products in UK and Africa

We have chosen to promote sellers' products here in UK and also in Africa as it is a huge market. Indeed, according to recent reports, online sales in Europe will double from €165 billion to €330 billion by 2019, with UK surpasses other European countries with its eagerness to purchase goods online.

Regarding Africa, the main factor that has allowed Africa's recent economic growth has been the emergence of a fast-growing consumer market. Africa’s exploding middle class indicates the potential for future growth in consumer demand. Indeed, its demographic will drive higher demand for goods. It is estimated that consumer spending is forecast to reach $  1,400 billion by 2020, up from $  860 billion in 2008.

You can benefit from a fast-growing consumer market by displaying your products on our website. You will be able to expand your market and boost your sales.

Countless technical possibilities:

By listing products on Ezaans.com, sellers can publicize their business widely with the importers registered on the site. In this way, exporters can take advantage of the countless technical possibilities and functionalities the site offers to promote their products.

For buyers, Ezaans.com makes easy to find what you are looking for. Buyers have the possibility to post their purchase requirements to sellers all over the world. By establishing a presence on our site, the buyer can find sellers who meet their search criteria.

Also, by listing products on Ezaans.com, sellers can to take advantage of the countless technical possibilities Ezaans.com offers. Thanks to these technical possibilities:

- Sellers and buyers can communicate directly with each other (Live Chat),

- Sellers can reply to orders placed by buyers,

- Buyers can respond to offers made by sellers,

- Sellers and buyers can answer messages,

- and more…

Finally, establishing a presence on Ezaans.com also allows Sellers to raise their international profile and offers them the ability to reach areas in which marketing investments would have been less successful. As a result, a presence on Ezaans.com enables Sellers to increase their exports and provide international exposure and new trade opportunities to small and medium sized businesses.

We have also services for foreign investors looking to invest in Africa:

We also provide a valuable service to foreign investors looking to invest in Africa. If you are an investor, we can introduce you to a wide range of projects with the potential to deliver excellent returns. Click here to learn more about this service.


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